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Global Payments Overview


You can control which users in your organization have access to the global payments feature. 

To give a user access, select the “Payments” right in their profile. If checked, they are given access to an organization-wide view of all payment information. This view is available if a user selects their initials in the bottom left of their screen, and then selects “Payments”.

Please note, if a user is given this right but is not an editor or a manager of a given campaign, they will not be able to create a new payment. They will only be able to execute an existing payment, or mark a creator as paid.

Within this global payments view, users are given the ability to filter through every payment made in the organization in one centralized spot, including:

  • To which user the payment was made

  • The campaign in which the payment took place

  • The creator that received the payment

  • The status of the payment

  • A customized date range in which payment(s) took place

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