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How to pay Creators

Great news! Tagger now offers a payment solution for users to compensate creators. 

Tagger has chosen to integrate with PayPal, the most established digital payment partner in the world, so users can rest assured their sensitive payment information is safe and secure.


To view the payments feature, make sure you’re in the desired campaign, then click into a creator profile. The payment feature lives under the furthest tab on the right. 

Within this tab, the user is given the option to send a new payment to the selected creator, as well as view their payment history with the selected creator in this given campaign.



In order to make a new payment to the selected creator, the user selects “New Payment”.


Here, the user is prompted to fill out the appropriate information. The second line asks for the email associated with the recipient’s PayPal account.  Payment may be sent to any email, even if the assigned email does not currently have a PayPal account. However, in order to redeem money, the owner of the receiving email must create a PayPal account with that email address.  Therefore, we recommend confirming the recipient’s email address prior to sending any sort of compensation.



Within the “New Payment” screen the user will see a check box that reads “Use PayPal fee estimation”.  Every transaction made on PayPal incurs a small fee that PayPal takes from the sender. In order to send the creator the correct amount of money, Tagger advises that users check this box that automatically calculates your PayPal fee and bakes it into the total amount sent.

Please note, this has been optimized for PayPal Business accounts.  For US based PayPal business accounts, there is a 2.9% transaction fee + an additional charge depending upon the currency used.  For a Non-US based PayPal business account, there is a 4.4% transaction fee + an additional charge depending upon the currency used.  You can read more about the currency specific charges per transaction here

While we’ve tested this rigorously, our PayPal Fee Estimation is just that, an estimate. PayPal may change their fee structure for different currencies without notifying us.


After filling out the payment information, the user is given multiple options. 

They may:

  • Save the information as a draft, 

  • Save the information marking the creator as paid, 

  • Or make the payment on the spot.  

Upon selecting “Make Payment” the user will be redirected to PayPal’s website, where they will complete the rest of the transaction. Our integration will support the following currencies:

  • US Dollar

  • Euro

  • Russian Ruble

  • Swiss Francs

  • Brazilian Reals*

  • Pounds

  • Australian Dollars

  • Canadian Dollars

  • Singapore Dollars

  • Japanese Yen

Please note, there is a 2.5% conversion fee between currencies that the recipient incurs from PayPal.  Tagger advises that users pay creators in their desired currency to avoid this fee.  Please also see the currency restrictions in regard to the Brazilian Reals* here.


After being redirected to PayPal, the user is given multiple options to complete the payment.  

The first option is simply connecting a bank account to the PayPal account and pulling the money directly from this source on a per-payment basis.

The second option is to transfer a lump sum from the user’s linked company bank account into their PayPal business account.  After 3-5 business days, users can then withdraw from this sum to make payments as needed.

Another option is to use a credit card, however it should be noted that this solution incurs additional fees from PayPal.

Once the payment is completed on PayPal, the user gets redirected to Tagger and the status of the payment will be reflected in the “Status” Column.

Upon clicking “Pay Now”, you will be redirected to PayPal where you can proceed with the payment.


Users are also given the option to select “Mark as Paid”.  A user might use this feature if they already have paid a given creator outside of using Tagger’s payment solution. This allows the user to document the transaction in one centralized database within Tagger alongside any transactions they have made on the platform.  

Please note: Selecting “Mark as Paid” blocks any ability to make a payment through PayPal as the intention of selecting this box is simply to document that a transaction has already occured.


When a user saves a payment as a draft, all of the information they put in is saved and ready to be paid out simply by clicking the blue “Make Payment” button on the right.


At any given time, the user is given the ability to edit or delete the payment from Tagger by selecting the three dotted dropdown on the right.  Please note the “view details” option is also in this menu for payments that are marked as a draft.


Users are also able to quickly and easily find and filter past payments. 

When a user has a specific creator selected, they’re able to filter by any currency that the creator has been paid in.

Users are also given the ability to filter by creator within the campaign view to improve payment management.  Please note, these filters take into consideration all payments associated with a given creator, so some of the selections queue up a combination of payment entries.

The appropriate filter header is titled “Payment Status” and has the following selections:

  • “No Payments” → No payment entries associated with the creator.

  • “To be Paid” → The creator only has draft payments.

  • “In Progress” → The creator has a mix of draft and pending/completed/marked as paid payments.

  • “Payment Complete” → The creator’s payments are all paid (pending/completed/marked as paid)

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