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Single Sign On (SSO) Authentication

Tagger’s Single Sign On (SSO) authentication feature allows a user to log in with a single ID and password in order to gain access to several systems that support SSO.  

When integrated, the SSO provider will authorize a user to access Tagger without needing a password specific for our platform.  

Tagger currently supports Okta as the sole SSO provider, though we will be adding more integrations in the future. The steps for setting up SSO for a user who already has an Okta account can be found below:

  1. Visit the following link: https://dev-812809-admin.okta.com/admin/dashboard

  2. Log into Okta

  3. Click on Applications at the top

  4. Click on “Add Application” on the top left

  5. Select “Web” box, and then click “Next”

  6. Name the Application

  7. Select the “X” next to Base URIs

  8. Input “https://app.taggermedia.com/sso” on the “Login Redirect URIs” line

  9. Check the “Authorization Code” box

  10. Check the “Refresh Token” box

  11. Select “Done” in the bottom right corner

  12. Keep this page open for later use

  13. Log into Tagger at “https://app.taggermedia.com/login”

  14. Click on your initials in the bottom left hand corner and select “Settings”

  15. Select “Security”

  16. Click on the “Single Sign On (Okta)” Toggle

  17. Copy the Client ID from the Okta webpage from earlier, and paste it into the appropriate box within Tagger

  18. Repeat this step for the “Secret” box

  19. Go back into Okta, and hover over “API” at the top.  Select “Authorization Servers” and then copy the “Issuer URI”.  Paste this into the corresponding box within Tagger

  20. Fill out the final box by simply inputting the domain you used to login to Tagger.  For example, if your email is John@Tagger.com, your domain would simply be “Tagger.com”

  21. Select “Enable”

Screenshot of all of the inputs in Okta:


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