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How to customize Campaign Metrics

Step 1 - In order to customize the Campaign Metrics available in your Campaign Summary, first click into your Admin icon in the lower left hand corner of the platform and click on "Settings". 

Step 2 - Next, click on Campaign Metrics. This will take you to the screen where you can pick and choose any additional Campaign Metrics to include in your Campaign Summary outside of our default data points.

Step 3 - Decide what additional Campaign Metrics, if any, you would like to add to your Campaign Summary. In order to add them to your Campaign Summary, toggle the button from grey to blue. The screen shot below shows all additional Campaign Metrics toggled "on". For a more detailed explanation of each Campaign Metric, please click on the tool tip next to the data point. For additional information that pertains to that specific Campaign Metric, please click on the carrot icon to expand.

Step 4 - Once you enable your additional Campaign Metrics, they will show up in your Campaign Summary. Below is an example of a Campaign Summary with all additional Campaign Metrics toggled "on".

We will continue to add new Campaign Metrics as they become available, and we encourage you to include them in your Campaign Summary as you see fit!

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