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How to use Keyword filters in Discovery

Include: This field focuses on the content of the Profiles you are looking for. You can input any hashtag, keyword, or @mention into this field and you will find Profiles who have used that in their content or bio. Our hashtag feature will recommend other hashtags to include based off of the first hashtag you input. 

Exclude: You can exclude any keyword or hashtag if you want to make sure the Profiles has never discussed an issue or used a specific word in their content. 

Date Range: You can set the date range of when you would like the Profile to have used the specific keywords or hashtags. The default is the past year. 

Source: You can choose content or bio to identify where the Profile used the keywords and hashtags. The default will be both. 

Search options: You have the ability to search for keywords that are used in tandem, if you switch to the 'And' filter. 

Platform: Choose which social platform you would like to be searching through. It will default to all platforms.

Most Discussed Category: Choose the brand categories you want these creators to have talked about the most within their social content. The below search is finding Profiles whose most discussed category is Music. You can also set the engagement rate the Profile must get when talking about that category.

Profile Mentioned by this Profile: Use this filter to find creators who have mentioned another Profile within Tagger.

Profiles Not Mentioned by this Profile: Use this filter to find creators who have not mentioned specific Profiles in Tagger. 

The below search is finding profiles who have previously mentioned Spotify on one of their social channels, but has never mentioned Apple Music. 

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