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How to search by Profile data

Profile Type: We have two types of profiles on Tagger, an Individual and a Brand, and within these are separate Categories. An individual refers to any Profile that belongs to a person, whether that be a musician, actor, creator, etc. A Brand refers to any type of business or media outlet. 

*If you are looking to find creators for a brand activation, we recommend searching for Individuals. 

Category: We have broken out all of our profiles into Categories. Categories are based off of what the profile talks about across the social landscape. The below search is searching for individual Profiles in the Fashion and Style space.  

Gender: We have categorized the gender of all the Profiles on the platform, so you can search for creators accordingly. The below search is finding individual females in the fashion and style space.

Location: You have the ability to search for creators based off of their physical location. This is great when looking to activate local creators. The below search is now finding individual females in the fashion and style space, who live in New York City. 

Affinity: Find Profiles that have an affinity to a brand or another creator. Any Profile that you enter into this filter will allow you to find additional Profiles who have a similar type of audience, are interested in the same profiles, or post the same type of content. In the below example we are looking for fashion focused female creators in New York City. You can use a fashion brand like Revolve in order to find creators that are similar to a high end fashion brand. Once you input a Profile into the Affinity filter you can move the slider to the right to find profiles that have a higher affinity, narrowing your results. 

Brand Safety: This filter excludes any Profiles that have used keywords at least once historically that Tagger deems unsafe for most Brands. You can see the keywords that we are accounting for by downloading the spreadsheet attached to this article HEREPlease note, these keywords are very explicit or inappropriate in nature.

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