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What are Permissions and how do I use them?

What Are “Permissions”?


In order to provide a more customized experience, Tagger has launched an entire Permissions Suite for our users.


Within the Permissions Suite, Tagger Admins can now invite multiple different users to access Tagger within their organization.

Once those users have accepted their access, the Admin can gate off specific rights within the platform to ensure that everyone is only seeing the parts of Tagger they’re supposed to see.

Enterprise clients now have the opportunity to create teams and sub-teams to ensure that everyone is set up for success and everything is organized the way it’s intended to be.

You can also adjust your settings in the Permissions Suite. Here you can upload a logo for your organization, as well as opt to enforce a password change every 90 days for your users if you need that for security purposes.

How To Grant Access

This video covers how Admins can grant access to new users in Tagger’s Permissions Suite. 

In order to invite new users into your organization:

Step 1: Click your Admin Icon in the bottom left hand corner and select “Users.”

Step 2: Click on the blue button in the top right that says “+Invite Users”.

Step 3: Enter the email address of the person you’re trying to invite. You can also enter an optional custom email message to be sent along with their invitation.

Step 4: Click “Confirm” to send.

The user will immediately receive your invitation directly in their email inbox. Upon opening the email, they can click the blue “Join” button to accept the invitation and join the team.

After joining, users will be taken to a log in screen where they’ll be prompted to enter their first and last name, create their own unique password, as well as accept Tagger’s Privacy policy. 

Once the user enters this info, they simply click “Activate” and they’re good to go!

How To Grant User Rights

This video covers how Admins can grant users rights in Tagger’s Permissions Suite. 

Once you’ve invited users into your organization, you’ll see their names listed under the “Users” tab. To grant a user specific rights, select them from the list and you’ll see their user “profile” come up. It’s here that you can select what type of user you want them to be.

On the right-hand side of the page, click the “...” button to view a drop-down menu of options for what kind of profile you want the user to have. You can select “Global Campaign Access”, “Admin”, or “block user”.

  • If you select “Admin”, the user will be able to invite additional users into your organization.

  • If you select “Global Campaign Access” that means the user will be able to access all the parts of the platform that the Admin grants them rights to, but they won’t be able to invite new users.

You’ll then want to decide what a user’s rights are.

Step 1: To determine a user’s rights, select the “rights” tab in their permissions profile.

Step 2: Check the boxes to select the different parts of the platform you want that specific user to be able to see.

Step 3: You can customize this per your various different users in accordance with their role in your organization.

If you want a more custom solution, or you think you’re going to take advantage of our “teams” concept, you can reach out to your customer success manager directly and get set up.

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