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How to determine Authentic Followers

We utilize a variety of tools & algorithms such as suspiciously fast growth, comment monitoring, and more to determine true authenticity for any Instagram account over 5,000 followers.

Running a report is as simple as clicking the blue "Run Analysis" on the left-hand side of the profile. Most reports will populate instantaneously; however, some reports may take up to 48 hours to complete. 

Please note, when an influencer is first added to our database we gather as much data as possible to come up with an estimate.  Over time, however, our estimates will get more accurate as we're able to aggregate more data for that creator. This can often times result in a potential percentage shift, and more often than not a percentage drop, due to the analysis getting smarter with more data to process.

Here are several ways we measure fake followers to ensure authenticity:

Suspicious jumps in follower counts

When people purchase followers, they grow instantly and then taper off suddenly. Repeated graphs like the below suggest fake followers

Many comments in foreign languages

While it’s typical for accounts to have a global audience, it’s rare to see multiple comments in a foreign language that differs from their primary location

Similar comments on multiple posts from same accounts

It’s highly unlikely that the same audience members would comment on two distinct posts in the exact order. This shows that there is likely a bot farm that rotates through each fake account one-by-one to leave comments on the post

And more:

  • Frequency & quality of engagements
  • Engagers with low-quality profiles and suspicious follower/post counts
  • Same followers commenting on posts in the same order
  • Audience demographics over represented in several foreign markets

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