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What is Affinity and how do I use it?

Affinity data is a proprietary metric that Tagger uses to determine two potential outcomes: lookalike models to find similar types of Profiles, or to determine brand or category interest. Have an amazing influencer and need 10 more just like them for your Campaign? Search for Profiles with an Affinity to said influencer. Running a Campaign for a brand and want to ensure that your influencers align? Search for Profiles with an Affinity to your brand. 

In order to determine Affinity, Tagger first scans the overlap of keywords and hashtags used between Profiles. If there is a high overlap between these data points (in other words, are these Profiles both talking about the same things), then Tagger assigns an Affinity ranking. 

Affinity data can be useful when doing research on a Profile as well as in Discovery.

When looking at Affinity data on a Profile, you can quickly get an understanding of the top influencers in Tagger that have an Affinity with said Profile. This can be particularly useful when researching a brand's Profile. Additionally, you can get an understanding of the influencer and brand categories with your Profile. For example, while your brand may fall into a particular genre, you may find that influencers in another genre have a high Affinity and could make sense for a Campaign activation. 

Affinity data really shines in Discovery. As mentioned previously, if you have an influencer that you love and you need more influencers just like them, simply look for other Tagger Profiles with an Affinity to said influencer. PRO TIP: You can find more cost effective influencers by looking for Profiles with an Affinity to an influencer with very high reach, but then also layer on a follower maximum that gets you more bang for your buck. For example, want to hire Kim Kardashian but know you can't afford her? Look for Profiles that have an Affinity with Kim but then implement a maximum of 100k followers on Instagram. Your results will have the same look and feel to Kim but with a much more manageable price tag. Use the same approach for brands to find influencers that have an Affinity with either your brand or similar types of brands to ensure that your results make sense for you. 

Another PRO TIP: In Discovery, you will notice that once you add an Affinity Tagger will auto-default to a low or "Less" Affinity ranking. As a best practice, we suggest that you leave the toggle where it is. Why? Because Tagger's algorithm is intentionally aggressive to bring our users to most value with minimal effort, so any Profiles that show up with Affinity ranking have already passed a number of parameters and are often spot on with what you are looking for.

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