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What are Profile Tiers and why do they matter?

On every Tagger Profile, you will see that they have been placed into a Tier, or a Profile's total audience across all of the platforms included on their Profile. Don't see a social handle on your Profile and want it added to effect their Tier? Click HERE for an overview on how to add a social handle to a Tagger Profile.

Tiers play a major role in two parts of Tagger: Content > Health, for benchmarking purposes, and Discovery for Profile identification.

In Content > Health, your Profile will always be compared against a benchmark. We determine these benchmarks based on two variables: Profile Tier and Profile Categorization. This is essential as we are therefor able to compare the Profile against their peers, or similar types of Profiles with similar global follower size. A true apples to apples comparison!

Within Discovery, if you don't want to search for Profiles by a specific follower count, you can lean on Tagger Tiers and let our system to do the work for you. Below is an overview of each of our Tiers and how they are broken down. Keep in mind, these pertain to the total follower size of the social handles included in the Tagger Profile.

Tagger Profile Tiers:

Macro Tier 1: > 10M

Macro Tier 2: 5M - 10M

Macro Tier 3: 1M - 5M

Mid Tier 1: 500k - 1M

Mid Tier 2: 150k - 500k

Mid Tier 3: 25k - 150k

Micro Tier 1: 10k - 25k

Micro Tier 2: 5k - 10k

Micro Tier 3: 0 - 5k

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