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What are Profile Labels and how do I use them?

As a Tagger user, you have the option to append endless Labels to Profiles to further customize your experience. Rest assured, any Labels that you create will only be accessible within your user group, so feel free to include proprietary data in your Labels if needed.

Using Labels allows you to include information on Profiles that you may not otherwise be able to find in Discovery. For example, if you have worked with a mommy creator in the past who is blonde and has three children and you want to be able to search for this data on demand for future campaigns, apply a Label accordingly. Alternatively, if you work with an exclusive list of talent that you want to label as your own, apply Labels accordingly. To search by your labels in Discovery, click on More Filters.

You can apply Labels to Profiles in two ways: either straight from the Profile itself via the blue 'Add Label' button, or from Discovery. If you want to apply labels to multiple Profiles at once, you can do this from Discovery.

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