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What is a Tagger Profile?

Tagger houses close to 4 million Profiles and is constantly updating. Each Profile is an aggregate of all applicable social data for one entity for the following social platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. You can also add Soundcloud, Pinterest, Twitch, and a Blog to a Profile for aesthetic purposes, but we can't ingest said data.

Tagger has Profiles that span across many verticals that are first segmented into either Individuals (Profiles for people: creators, actors, athletes, etc.) or Brands (Profiles for businesses: brands, media, production, etc.). Want to research your favorite creator to understand their engagement rate? Check their Tagger Profile! Want to research your brand to understand their audience? Check their Tagger Profile! 

Locate Tagger Profiles by searching for them in the search bar at the top of the platform. Look for them by name, or Instagram handle. Click on the appropriate match to be taken to their Profile. Don't see the Profile you are searching for? Click HERE for an overview of how to add Profiles to Tagger.

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