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How to send Messages

There are a couple of different ways you can send messages, in bulk to every Creator in your campaign at once OR individually to one creator at a time. If you create messages within campaign setup, in the creator overview window, you can send messages at once to everyone in your campaign. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Select one creator by clicking on the dot to the left of their profile card

  2. Then click ‘Select page (xx)’, then ‘Select All’

  3. From here the blue bar at the bottom will pop up. Click on ‘Messages’

  4. You can either send the Outreach message you created within Campaign Setup OR you can create a new Custom Message 

    • Keep in mind you must have the subject line filled out within campaign setup to create a new custom message
  5. Once you have selected the message, click send & the message will be sent to every creators email inbox

    • Make sure they have an email populated within their profile (Tagger can only pull in publicly available emails, meaning it must be included within their Bio. If they do not, you can always easily add this information via the little 'pencil' icon next to their email.)

If you choose to send messages individually to one creator at a time, you can follow the steps above, OR once you click into one creator's card within your campaign, you will see a ‘Messages’ tab. Here you can send the outreach message you create within campaign setup, or you can create a new message by typing directly in the message box. 

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