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How to register and authorize in Tagger Creator

What are the benefits of a Tagger Creator Account? 

A "Tagger Creator Account" helps creators more easily partner with brands. 

There are many benefits, including:

- Accept proposals from brands and agencies

- Communicate with campaign managers

- Upload photos & videos for approval

- Automatically deliver important reporting data from published content

    - You will no longer need to send screenshots of your posts and metrics, including Instagram Stories!

Stay tuned for important features coming this year to give you more insights into the health of your social accounts, with actionable ways to improve! 

How do I create my Tagger account?

Follow the following steps & videos register a Creator Account and Link your Business Account. 

1. Go to the Creator App (creator.taggermedia.com)

2. Click 'Log In or Register with Instagram’. This will direct you to login into your Instagram account.

3. A pop up will appear from Instagram. Click the green ‘Authorize’ button.

4. This will redirect you to ‘Setup your account’ on Tagger. Enter the necessary information and you will get a confirmation email sent to you.

5. Click the link from your email and login to Tagger by clicking 'Log In or Register with Instagram’.

6. Action required’ pop up will appear. Click the green ‘Go to Settings’ button to link your business account. Or you can click on the 'Settings' button on the bottom left of the screen. (https://creator.taggermedia.com/settings)

7. Click the blue Facebook button ‘Continue as ____’

8. Link the correct Facebook page that is associated with your Instagram Business Account. 

9. Connected!

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