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PDF Report Overview

By clicking 'Generate Report' at the top right, you will export a PDF version of your campaign summary.

This summary includes:

  • Combined Social Reach:
    • Combined Followers
    • Engagements
    • Posts & Videos
    • Influencers

  • Breakout By Network:
    • metrics pertaining to platforms that were posted on for this campaign

  • History Graph: This graph allows you to analyze a engagements per number of posts on the day they were posted.

  • Top Campaign Influencers: Ranks the top 5 creators in your campaign by engagement rate
    • This section will also show # of engagements and content that was posted
  • Most Engaged Content By Network: Displays top 5 pieces of content for your campaign, ranked by raw number of engagements¬†

The rest of this PDF export displays all content for this campaign, broken up by the different platforms they were posted on. These posts are displayed by level of engagement rates.

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