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How to build a Proposal

*Click into Settings on the Right to Access

  • Brief
    • Campaign Brief:Provide overall context on this campaign. 
    • Content Requirements: Enter any content direction or requirements for the campaign here.
    • In this view, you can also upload an existing brief, images for inspiration, etc. to include in the proposal to the creator

  • Terms

    • Exclusivity: Disclose the category or direct competitors over a defined time period that an creator must have / will continue to avoid to be eligible to participate (i.e. no relationship with other alcohol brands 2 weeks before or after campaign posts are live)

    • Usage Rights: If your company intends to repurpose the creator content for other purposes, you can mention that here. Will it be used within paid media campaigns? Will the images be featured on a website? Will the videos be played in store? 

    • Content Duration: Specify how long creators must keep campaign content live on their channel from the time it is posted.

    • Content Ownership: Who owns this content? Does the creator ultimately own this content but is providing a usage license during the campaign? Does the collaborator own this content in perpetuity and can do with it what they please?

    • Link Requirements: Include whether it is expected that an creator embeds a link in bio, IG story, video description, etc. to drive traffic on behalf of the campaign. 

    • Review Process: Describe the content review process and what is expected of the creator. Will there be a concept phase where a creator's approach must be approved before proceeding with its creation? Will the collaborator force content revisions?

    • Additional Terms: If there is any other information intended for all creators prior to signing, include that here.

    • Payment Terms: Specify how and when the creator will be paid. What is the frequency? What is required from the creator before the payment can occur?

  • Planning: Create a a budget for your campaign as a whole, and amount of posts your creators will be posting.

    • In the Planning phase, you can enter in: total budget, numbers of creators in this campaign, # of posts and what platform creators need to post on, price per post, and total price each influencer will get paid 

    • *Note: in this view, you are pricing out the campaign as a whole, but later will be able to customize (price, # of posts, etc.) per influencer

  • Proposal Wizard: Once you enter in the fields above, click on 'Proposal Preview' to see what the proposal will look like when you send to your creators. 

  • Message Templates: Create Outreach or Proposal message templates to later send to your creators. Utilize the slugs in this view to auto import information (creator name, project, campaign, etc.) into your message templates

  • Contract: Within Tagger, you are able to complete contracting with our integration with HelloSign. In the contracting phase, create an email and upload your own existing contracts to send to the creator, anyone internal and the collaborator.

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