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Campaign Launch Check-List

Tagger’s Campaign Management tool is intended to help users automatically pull in their creator’s content and aggregate reporting. Below is a checklist that will take you through the steps necessary to pull in creators content.

Step 1: Add Campaign - Fill out Basic information (Start/End Date of Campaign)

Step 2: Details - Define hashtags and keywords

Step 3: Mark creators as Hired

Step 4: Instagram Business Account

Step 4a: 1st Party Data

Step 5: Reporting

Step 1: Add Campaign

  • When adding a new campaign you will be prompted to fill out basic information

    • Campaign Name: This should reflect your campaign initiative

    • Search for Brand: Associate your Brand by searching for the profile on Tagger

    • Start/End Date: This will tell the system what date range to pull in content

Step 2: Details (Hashtags and Keywords)

  • This section allows you to define what hashtags and keywords your creators will need to include in their posts.

    • Tagger pulls in content based off of the hashtags and keywords defined in this section, so it is important to input the correct information at this stage and ensure the creators use the hashtags and keywords in their captions.

Step 3: Mark Creators as Hired

  • Once you have added your creators to the Campaign you will want to make sure they are marked as Hired. This will prompt the system to start searching for content based on steps 1&2.

  • There are multiple ways to mark a creator as ‘Hired’.

    • Complete the full Campaign Workflow (Internal/Brand Approval, Proposal/Contract execution) Knowledge Base post here

    • Quickly bypass the Campaign Workflow and mark the creator as ‘Hired without Contract’.

Step 4: Instagram Business or Creator Account

  • It is important to ensure that your creators have an Instagram Business or Creator Account otherwise their content will not pull in to Tagger.

  • You can quickly check to see if they have a Business or Creator Account by looking at the Status Icon on their profile card. More info on Status Icon HERE.

Step 4a: 1st Party Data

  • If you would like to automatically pull in 1st party data (impressions, reach, and any metrics related to Instagram Stories), the creator must provide 1st party data access within their Tagger Creator Account.

  • You can quickly check to see if they have provided 1st party data access by looking at the Status Icon on their profile card. We have also provided a step by step account of how the creator can do that HERE

Step 5: Reporting

  • Once all of these steps have been completed you can view the content within the Reporting section.

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