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How do I use Content > Health data?

Health summarizes a Profile's engagement and engagement rate by: social platform and content type (photo, video, text, link) against localized benchmarks, specific to the Profile's Type and Tier. This section also shows total number of posts per platform, and amount of time between each post.

Engagement Rate is calculated by (Total Engagements/Followers) over the past 90 days. 

Instagram Total Engagements = Likes + Comments

Twitter Total Engagements = Likes + Comments + Retweets

Facebook Total Engagements = Likes + Comments + Shares

Youtube Total Engagements = Likes + Comments

- Benchmarks are defaulted to "on" but can be turned off by clicking on the blue button

- Engagement rate is defaulted to "on" but can be swapped to raw engagements by clicking on the blue button

Compare the Health of the Profile you are on with another Tagger Profile by using the blue "Compare" button. Easily compare your brand with a competitor's Health or quickly compare two Creators against one another to determine who is the top performer.

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