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How do I use Community > Affinity?

The Affinity tool takes into account a number of different metrics, including: keywords, hashtags, @mentions, and demographic similarities. For an overview of how to best use this proprietary data point, click HERE.

By looking into the similarity in content between Profiles we are able to identify how similar Profiles are to one another. For instance, when looking at an individual’s Profile their top Affinities will often serve as a look-a-like influencer since they are posting very similar content. You can also look into the top brand Affinities to see what types of brands these individuals are aligned with.

The Affinity table allows you to look into the top categories (for both individuals and brands) that the profile has an Affinity with. The table displays the average number of followers for that category, and the percentage of Profiles within that category compared to all Profiles in Affinities. Below, the table will show you the Profiles in order from highest to lowest affinity.

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