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How information is included in Community > Mentions?

Mentions displays all mentions of a given Profile by other Tagger Profiles across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can use this data in the following ways.

  1. Posts: Toggle to Sponsored or Organic (sponsored is pulled in based off FTC guidelines: #ad, #paid, and #sponsored, etc.). View the most up to date list HERE.
  2. Profile Type: Choose between Individual or Brand Profiles
  3. Category: Select a Brand or Individual Profile Category to get more specific
  4. Platform: Choose Instagram, Twitter or Facebook
  5. Dates: Enter in a start and end date for the period you want to find Mentions for

The chart displayed shows when these mentions occurred over the time period you selected. This allows you to dig into total followers, shares, likes or comments of the Profiles that mentioned the Profile you are researching. You can also use this data to see if these mentions contributed to a Profile's growth (view Community > Growth HERE).

Mentions will populate below. Click on the platform icon to see the actual mention, and metrics for that post.

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