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What information is included in Community > Audience?

This section summarizes the demographic data provided by our third party provider. The bulk of our demographic data on our Profiles is informed by Instagram, but we lean on Twitter as a backfill when needed. The demographic information we are able to report on fall into the following categories: Age, Gender, Language, Race, and Location. Easily export any of this data data to CSV or PNG format to incorporate this information into your presentations by clicking on the (three dots) icon. 

  • Age: Quickly understand the age ranges of the Profile’s followers
  • Gender: Understand how the Profile’s followers are broken out between male and female
  • Language: See what languages the Profile’s audience speaks between English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, and other languages
  • Race: See what race the Profile’s followers are between Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, and African American
  • Location: Understand where the Profile’s audience resides parsed out by Country, US State/Canadian Province, and City

You can also compare the Profile's audience to another Profile's audience on Tagger. To do so, click on the blue "Compare" button, type in the other Tagger Profile, and select it. Total demographic similarity will be displayed, but more importantly the individual audience demographic buckets will be analyzed as well.

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